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Trails, Rails, and Ales when Dining in the Gem!

If you’re expecting country music and cowboy boots, that’s what you’ll get in Laramie, Wyoming. You’ll also find a beloved vegetarian restaurant, more ethnic bistros than you have ever imagined, craft beer, craft cheese, craft ice cream, and craft chocolate. Unexpected? That’s Laramie, Wyoming.

The Downtown district is located next to an active railyard that was once a major stop on the Union Pacific railroad.  A pedestrian footbridge joins the east and west sections of the town, and periodically Laramie’s historic buildings rumble as a train passes. If you’re lucky enough to be close when a train comes into town, close your eyes for a minute when you hear its whistle and imagine you have just arrived in Laramie more than a century ago!

Before or after your dinner take The Historic Downtown Laramie tour.  Laramie was a Hell-on-wheels frontier town. Visit historic saloons and step into our quaint Western shopping district with everything from antiques and local art, to outdoor outfitters and curious brothel bookstores.

For another taste of history visit the Wyoming Territorial Prison State Historic Site, which housed outlaws for 30 years, including the infamous Butch Cassidy. Learn about the town’s founders who lived, worked, and made their mark on these mountain plains at the Laramie Plains Museum and Ivinson Mansion. Or, delve a few million years further into Wyoming’s past at the University of Wyoming Geological Museum, home to the most complete Allosaurus fossil ever found.

Thanks to a bustling campus, Laramie offers a wide variety of cultural events year-round. Take in an after-dinner concert, symphony, student theatre or dance performance, or visit the art exhibits at the University of Wyoming Art Museum.

Where the diversity of Wyoming’s only University meets the small town charm of the West, you’ll find a lot of choices in Laramie. Cuisine ranges from vegetarian to steak-house with Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, and Italian options. Enjoy a pint of creamy locally brewed beer and craft cocktails in the evening. Morning cravings are answered by a variety of coffee shops, cafés, and bakeries.

For trails, venture outside our city to quiet escapes in Centennial, Albany, and Woods Landing. Each offer a unique dining experience in the mountains or on the river. From these hubs enjoy any of the area trails for hiking, fishing, mountain biking in summer, or world class snowmobiling, skiing and snowshoeing in the winter months. Find out why All Trails Lead to Laramie and check out our Foodie Tour online:



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