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Co-President, Co-Publisher & SVP of Operations

Tom was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts where he was discovered to be a talent in the creative arts. He was an amazing singer, rapper, producer, writer and performer.  Tom went on to get a record contract where he had a 15 year career in music, writing and acting. Tom’s entertainment career graduated to the business side where he began working for record labels and management firms on their marketing and advertising, even working for a huge and notable film company Radar Pictures, alongside film mogul Ted Field. Tom decided to go back to college where he earned his B.A. in Business Management and a minoring in financial accounting from the University of Maine.  After graduating, he went on to sell advertising for professional sports, before later dabbling in his own entrepreneurial efforts and launching his own marketing company that specialized in social media marketing and national branding. One might assume Tom’s success in business led him to stray from his passion of music, but it hasn’t. As Tom still utilizes his musical talents in his free time to score films. After all the traveling and posh dining Tom was used to during his days in Hollywood, he has grown a passion also for both luxury Travel, outdoor hobbies and epicurean foods. Which is why today, after partnering with Christopher Stolpe, Tom is now the co-owner of the magazines Food & Travel and Travel Outdoors, where he intends to put his prestigious resume of marketing and branding, behind Chris Stolpe prestigious resume of sales and advertising to form a powerful and effective partnership.