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Executive Leadership

Tom Kane

President & CEO

Tom was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts where he was discovered to be a talent in the creative arts. He was a singer, rapper, producer, writer and performer.  Tom went on to get a record contract where he had a 15 year career in music, writing and acting. Tom’s entertainment career moved on to the business side where he began working for record labels and management firms on their marketing and advertising, even working for the notable film company Radar Pictures, alongside film mogul Ted Field. Tom decided to go back to college where he earned his Associates in Business Management and a minoring in Marketing from Southern Maine Community College.  After graduating, he went on to sell advertising for professional sports, before finally pursuing his own business and launching his first company that specialized in social media marketing. It was in March of 2021 when Tom took over Food & Travel magazine after the previous owner and CEO Sam Wattam passed away. After all the traveling and posh dining Tom was used to during his days in Hollywood, he grew a passion for luxury Travel, outdoor adventuring and epicurean foods.

J.T. Zory

COO & EVP of Sales

JT Zory grew up in New York and later graduated high school in Houston Texas where he entertained several opportunities to accept football scholarships and play at the national level. He chose a different path and chose to join the US Army instead where he served proudly and with distinction with some of the bravest and most influential people to impact his life. While serving he acquired his BS degree in advertising and marketing and after his military service he excelled at sales and sales management at numerous successful organizations and has consistently been commended for the above average and exceptional level of professionalism he has demonstrated when providing service to his valued clients. JT spent many years as a top level e-commerce expert, sales trainer and business management consultant where he advised management staff on implementing effective sales processes, training sales staff, and creating and implementing advertising and marketing campaigns designed to maximize sales and ROI. JT later met Tom Kane through mutual business acquaintances and came on board to support their vision to make Food and Travel and Travel Outdoors magazines the best in the food and travel segments.

Dan Nguyen

EVP of Finance


Dan was born and raised in San Jose, CA and earned a B.S. in General Management with a concentration in Accounting. He is an astute finance management professional with over 15 years of extensive experience in directing high-level financials, driving business goals and augmenting profitability with exceptional expertise in general financial management, IT infrastructure implementation, integration, and financial restructuring. He possesses a strong track record of successfully building competent teams of motivated staff and long-lasting networks.

Through tenacity, resilience, resourcefulness, and a collaborative approach, he can implement and maintain finance-related policies, procedures, and controls. Furthermore, he possesses solid technical accounting knowledge, excellent communication skills, and strong software information know-how. His versatility in all aspects of back-office is what differentiates him from other financial professionals who are involved only in accounting/finance.  He has built accounting and IT departments from ground zero and has taken the lead on Chapter 11 reorganization to a successful conclusion. All of these combined competencies has enabled him to successfully manage teams towards the delivery of key goals.

On a personal level, he possesses a dynamic work ethic, along with an ability to think outside the box and pick up new skills quickly. He always thinks analytically, embraces positive change, and is transparent and open with others. He considers himself to be a confident individual who can quickly become part of an existing finance team.

Katrina Crowell

EVP of Marketing & Communications

When I was a kid, I used to spend hours with my best friend creating epic skits based on the ads we watched on TV. Barbie, Energizer Batteries (remember the bunny?), My Buddy Dolls – no campaign escaped our legendary (well, legend among our families) “Funny Commercials” talent show. I’ve been fascinated with marketing from an early age. It’s only natural that I would grow up to become the person behind the commercials, creating ads for the same types of brands I used to admire as a kid.

I’m a copywriter and marketing pro with over 13 years of experience (agency, in-house & freelance). I love coming up with new ideas that move the needle on response, and I love connecting with different audiences. I love the entire process, from project management, to client relations, internal team communication and more. That’s why I earned a Master’s Degree in Marketing, and continue to have passion for the industry.

My professional background is in digital marketing and direct marketing, with areas of expertise including copy writing, marketing project management, social media, PR and data driven creative development.

I’ve been a part of, and managed a dynamic team of ad agency creatives in the development of results driving direct response ads for large national brands (leading copy writing, casting, directing, & project management). I’ve worked side by side with small business owners to boost search visibility & increase website leads (using SEO, email marketing, & social media). I’ve worked one on one with entrepreneurs/sole proprietors to create digital marketing strategies & fire up public relations campaigns. I’ve been part of in-house marketing agencies, focused on growing a single brand through print, direct mail, TV & digital. And I’ve had the pleasure of presenting marketing concepts to various organizations across the state.

I’m also a lifelong vocalist & fledgling actress – sometimes, you’ll still find me on stage, just like my childhood days!

Susan Hollander


Senior Leadership

Junior Leadership