Located in central Oklahoma, Stillwater sits where horizons can be seen for miles and landscapes are dotted with fence lines, crop rows, and cattle. The vast, open beauty of the plains is starkly juxtaposed to Stillwater’s culture, cuisine, and college influence. The welcoming and warm spirit of southern hospitality paired with the fun-factor and vibrancy of a university campus is exactly what makes Stillwater America’s Friendliest College Town.
Iron Monk Brewing Company is a new stop for beer lovers and one that has certainly captured the atmosphere and spirit for which Stillwater is known. In 2014, Dave Monks and Jerod Millirons founded Iron Monk Brewing Company bringing the first craft beer brewery to Stillwater. It began with their spin of a classic Milk Stout brew bursting with the flavors of dark chocolate and rich coffee. The Iron Monk’s Tap Room offers year-round brews as well as small-batch brews that are exclusive to the Tap Room.
Tap Room in Stillwater Oklahoma
Before or after an ice-cold Iron Monk brew, enjoy a steak – but not just any steak. The 14-ounce Vegas Strip Steak® is known for its tenderness which rivals many popular beefsteak cuts. Its competitive price tag and availability in only two Stillwater restaurants make it a unique culinary experience not to be missed. The cut was developed in Stillwater at Oklahoma State University’s Robert M. Kerr Food and Agricultural Products Center (FAPC). The Rancher’s Club on the Oklahoma State University campus was a 2015 OpenTable Diners’ Choice Winner and is considered one of Stillwater’s finest dining experiences. The restaurant’s lunch menu features the Vegas Strip Steak® served with whipped potatoes and fresh vegetables.
The Vegas Strip Steak® is also offered at Mojo’s Rock’n’Bowl Grill, home to Stillwater’s only whiskey bar with over 20 varieties. Complete with four bowling lanes, classic rock music, a horse-shoe shaped bar, and a rock and roll atmosphere that greets you at the door making Mojo’s the liveliest place to enjoy the Vegas Strip Steak®. 
The sound of Red Dirt, an eclectic music blend of rock, bluegrass, country, and folk began in Stillwater. Since the late seventies, the music scene has become a catalyst for storytelling and source of mentorship for musicians and songwriters who have influenced and been influenced by the Stillwater culture. Red Dirt music was rooted along the outskirts of town in 1979 where a two-story farmhouse once stood and captured the hearts of loyal audiences both young and old. For over 20 years musicians held jam sessions in the living room, on the front porch, around campfires, and in the garage known as the Gypsy Cafe. Music still infuses the community with a vibe of youthfulness and artistry. Live music can be heard in coffee shops, iconic saloons, local honky-tonks, and outdoors where those sunset horizons go on for miles.
VisitStillwater.org shares live music, helpful information on experiencing Stillwater’s live music scene, and a free mobile app to find and track live red dirt music while visiting.  

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