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Food & Travel believes in being a beacon for human well-being.

Physical activity, economic independence, environmental factors and social interaction all make up the core four elements of human well-being.

By providing our customers eco-friendly places to travel, we encourage them to seek out new experiences involving both physical activity and social interaction.

Our readers are at the core of everything we do. Using both the written word and visual mediums like video and exquisite photography, we strive to formulate a community of people longing for the leisurely pleasures of epicurean dining and outdoor adventures. Whether we are recommending our readers affordable or luxury places to travel, we are either helping them with or reminding them of their economic independence.

Our entire purpose is to introduce those who seek new experiences to those who wish to provide them.

How powerful are the wonderful memories of a family vacation in the Caribbean? What can save a relationship more than a romantic weekend in Paris? What could be more exhilarating than skiing in Lake Tahoe or skydiving over Denarau Island in Fiji? The world is vast and abundant with hidden pleasures. Food & Travel aims to inform our readers of each and every one of them as often when we can.

Our Values

Our internal approach is securely anchored by our cultural work environment. Through relentless execution, we have crafted a solid foundation built from a combination of positive attitudes, aptitude, and shared values. Along with our goal to be a beacon for human well-being, we intend to stay true to these core values as we DISPATCH information to our readers:


Diversity – We are committed to building an inclusive, varied workplace welcoming to people of all backgrounds.

Integrity – We stay true to our values and core principles, and we will never waiver. 

Self-growth – We seek to consistently provide a work atmosphere that allows our team to grow on a personal level.

Passion – We ensure that anyone associated with Food & Travel will have a strong passion for both. 

Accountability – Food & Travel aims to always hold itself accountable for our impact. 

Teamwork – Our work culture is designed to foster ideas as a team through courtesy, camaraderie and collaboration. 

Commitment –  Food & Travel is committed to our mission and values.

Honesty – A work environment must be cultivated through honesty. We pride ourselves on being forthright with our readers, our advertisers, and each other. Trust is the most important foundation for anything to be built upon.