Enjoy a marbled slice of decadence, a cut of beef that you’ll remember like it was a birthday gift.

Steak is in Omaha’s DNA and calls all carnivores to make the pilgrimage for a legendary cut of beef. With an industry dating back to the 1880s, Omaha’s cow know-how is evident by the passion and dedication of the city’s many established steakhouses.  It’s tempting to believe steak is inherently delicious, but there’s more to a cut of meat than just the quality. Preparation is key, and this city takes it seriously. Flame broiled, whiskey doused and wood fire-grilled – all delicious, and all techniques Omaha has used to perfect the steak. The right grill times and temperatures are also crucial. Well-done and medium are options, but true steak connoisseurs know to go medium-rare or rare.

And while heavenly filets and hearty sirloins bask in the spotlight, Omaha’s culinary scene offers much more. In fact, the city has earned a reputation as a top foodie destination thanks to its diverse, delectable cuisine.

In the heart of farm country, the food here is so fresh you can taste the sunshine.

When thinking about Omaha’s agricultural background and central location, it makes sense that the city would be on the forefront of the fresh food movement. New and classic Omaha restaurants have dedicated their kitchens and menus to showcasing the best meat and produce from local farms.

At Omaha’s Kitchen Table visitors are treated to culinary concoctions such as the Focaccia pizza topped with roasted broccoli, fresh mozzarella and a creamy vodka sauce. Friendly owners Colin and Jessica will proudly tell you about each locally sourced ingredient. Known for wood-fired Neapolitan pizza bursting with local flavor, Dante’s Ristorante is a 100% scratch kitchen serving a full menu of rustic Italian faire, in fact Dante’s pizza is actually certified by the Italian government (now that’s authentic). Dante owner, Nick Strawhecker works with 20 different farmers from the area to source all of his products. Considered one of the greenest restaurants in the country, The Grey Plume’s award-winning chef and owner Clayton Chapman maintains the vision of a fine dining experience where food is art – even the plates are created by local artists. Modern Love inspires vegans from across the country to plan their foodie excursions to Omaha. Popular vegan cooking personality Isa Chandra Moskowitz leads with the focus of providing “swanky vegan comfort food” made with local ingredients.

Omaha has been raising Reuben since the beginning. That’s right the sandwich we all know and love was born in Omaha.

Adding to the lure of Omaha’s culinary landscape is a side of historical context. Did you know the Reuben sandwich was invented here? It’s true, and don’t let those New Yorkers tell you any differently. The Reuben sandwich was first crafted during a high-stakes poker game in Omaha’s Blackstone Hotel in the early 1900s. Since then this savory combination of corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Thousand Island (or Russian) dressing has become beloved across the globe. While countless renditions exist today, nothing will ever triumph the original. Look to local hotspots like the Crescent Moon Alehouse and Barrett’s Barleycorn for the recipe that started it all.

Not far behind the bright lights of the city’s signature export (steak, lest you forget) you’ll discover one of Omaha’s most celebrated burgers. Cue the Stellanator, weighing in at 4.5 lbs. and 4,900 calories, it includes six burger patties, six fried eggs, six pieces of cheese, 12 pieces of bacon, lettuce, tomato, fried onions, pickles, jalapeños and peanut butter. Defeat the Stellanator in 45 minutes, and pay nothing for it. 603 have tried, only 30 have succeeded. But don’t be alarmed – Omaha grills up mouthwatering burgers fit for appetites of all sizes.

Hope you packed your appetite, because there’s no escaping the culinary powerhouses that saturate Omaha.