Marble Falls & Lake LBJ, Texas

By Jaella Richard

Effortlessly maintaining the qualities of a charming small town, while extending a warm Texas welcome to its new found urban vibe, Marble Falls is the very heartbeat of the Texas Hill Country.

Natural splendor and glorious beauty flow through Marble Falls, Texas as steady as the rush of the Colorado River; establishing an astonishingly high standard of magnificence conveyed through nature. Beauty is far more than a simple word the city’s residents, they consider it a blessing; it faithfully exists in their environment, it is the pride within their work, it is expressed through their love of family, and lives deep with their hearts. The blessing is so bountiful that they graciously share it with everyone who passes through their town. Whether seeking the adventure of a lifetime or a relaxing getaway without boundaries Marble Falls delivers.

Though one’s interpretation of beauty may vary, there is an indisputable fact made apparent by the lush, rolling hills and gently windblown wildflowers; the pure, freshwater lakes and rushing Colorado River; the numerous wineries, and the burgeoning art scene in the downtown area – the interpretation of beauty is limited only by one’s decision to be consumed by it in whatever form they choose.

The area is home to Lake Marble Falls and Lake LBJ, two of the seven Highland Lakes, whose freshwater is sourced by the Colorado River. These renowned constant-level lakes promise magnificent scenery and allow adventurous water activities year-round. Many would argue that sunrise and sunset haven’t really been witnessed in their full glory until seen reflecting off these majestic bodies of water.  

Enjoy life at a slower pace by traveling the gently winding Country and Farm-to-Market Roads through the Texas Hill Country. Pleasantly lazy afternoons provide the ideal opportunity to tour any one of the nine local wineries – each of which have honors and awards in common. Down one of those winding roads, nestled in the Texas Hill Country is one such winery with a particularly intriguing story – Fall Creek Vineyards, where the “First Family of Texas Wines” planted their first grapes in 1975. With four decades of winemaking experience and a proven dedication to the creation of a viable wine industry, the family is credited with heavily aiding in the rebirth of Texas winemaking, as well as the creation of the Texas Hill Country AVA Appellation – which could only be considered a remarkable feat. As is typically the case with change, it didn’t come overnight, rather years. With relentless pursuit and an authentic belief both in their ability and the land they so strategically chose for its ideal growing conditions, they stopped at nothing to obtain the desired result. They crafted legislation, and insisted upon driving the industry forward. With hard work and unwavering dedication came bountiful reward; 40 years of remarkable memories made along the way as their wines have been poured at four Presidential Inaugurations, a number of State Dinners, Wolfgang Puck Benefits, as well as James Beard Dinners. As Fall Creek Vineyards prepares to emerge on the global stage, residents and visitors to Marble Falls have been relishing the highly-revered fine wine for decades.

The arts are alive and well in Marble Falls as evidenced by live music venues, a growing public art program, and more galleries and studios than one would dream of finding in a city of its size. The Sculpture on Main is a juried event during which the chosen outdoor sculptures are unveiled and remain on display in the historic downtown district of Marble Falls for an entire year. Music, wine, and craft beer make their appearance at the FiestaJAM, a festival held on Lake Marble Falls where good people gather to enjoy a great time for an exceptional purpose. Grammy Award winners and up and coming musicians alike, spend the fall weekend entertaining festival goers while near-by wineries and breweries proudly contribute the very best of their craft. In genuine Texas style, it’s all done for the greater good, benefiting local music education programs.

Opportunities to experience the scenic natural wonder, unwavering work ethic, and dedication to family that have made Marble Falls what it is today are plentiful; and most certainly on display at Russo’s Restaurant. The eatery has stunning freshwater views, and serves American fare with a few Texas twists, or as John Russo and his wife Diane like to say, “Texas Fare with our Russo’s Flair”. The couple relies heavily on their boys Joseph and John III to ensure the growth of the family business.

Marble Falls is reassurance… that seemingly untouched natural beauty still exists, that families can create thriving businesses, that the significance of hard work and dedication hasn’t been lost in the fray, and that all of these element combined can drive a quaint small town to become a choice travel destination.