With bars still closed, its time to put your bartending abilities to the test

The summer heat is officially here, and what could be more refreshing than some cocktails at home? With bars still closed, its time to put your bartending abilities to the test. The best part? You can probably find all the ingredients for these easy at-home cocktail recipes in your fridge. When the urge hits for a quarantini, odds are La Adelita Tequila has you covered. 

La Adelita (80 proof/ 40% ABV)  is a portfolio of five truly exquisite expressions of tequilas, made by a collaboration of generational distillers and cult wine & spirit artisans – is now available in the United States, nationwide. Named in honor of Adelita, the fearless woman who led the female fighters in the Mexican Revolution, La Adelita is harvested and distilled from single estates located in the heart of the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico.

La Adelita Martini de naranja Sanguina 

La Adelita reposado, solerno liqueur, lima, poco arandano. 

2 Oz tequila, Oz lime, 1oz liqueur, 1 Oz atandano

La Adelita Blanco​, bright and clear in color, exudes pungent aromas of lime-juiced agave — tart, ripe and sweet — leading to a zing of spiced vanilla bean on the tongue, with a warming effect that melts into a chocolate coating. The spirit finishes with a wet-stone sensation, followed by a settling sweetness.

La Adelita Reposado – fawn colored, aged for ​3 months American Oak whiskey barrels – is perfumed with dill and just-ripened agave making it semi-sweet yet buffered by salinity; toffee, oak, and walnut dot the palate with dryness. The edgy texture grips and almost tightens the tongue before a bold finish of tobacco and mocha.

La Adelita Añejo ​- aged for 18 months in American Oak whiskey barrels – is light copper in color showing viscous legs in the glass. The nose picks up expressive and direct scents of buttercream, lime, and fresh agave. Well balanced, dramatic, and powerful in its bold flavors, it has a vegetal character that emphasizes a well-integrated cedar-butter-scotch.

 La Adelita Black Añejo Cristalino – ​also aged for 18 months in American Oak whiskey barrels – is made in single barrels and filtered via a proprietary process to maintain the flavor profile while removing the color resulting in a crystal clear spirit that shows pronounced legs in the glass. With a salty, pulpy nose and additional aromas of cashew, anise and oak, a sweetness highlights the first sip, sparked by white pepper and nectarine zest; semi-sweet peach nectar ensues, bringing on a velvety finish.

La Adelita Extra Añejo ​- aged for 48 months in second-use American Oak whiskey barrels re-toasted in Mexico – is crisp amber-golden in color showing deep silky legs in the glass. Following succulent waves of honeyed heather, sassafras, marzipan and apricot nectar, flavors of sweet milk chocolate, and white-peppered orange blossom arouse the palate. A continuing fragrance envelops the senses for a memorable Cognac-like sipping experience.



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