Eat in with this incredible Crispy Betsy Recipe

International cuisine needn’t be solely attainable by dining out!
French-Japanese restaurant Myn-Tu shares its Crispy Betsy recipe, created by Executive Chef Merryl Villacorta, for home cooks looking to treat themselves to a gourmet snack or wow guests at their next dinner party.

Featuring yellowfin tuna, wonton chip and truffle aioli, the dish is easy, fast and most importantly tasty!

4 Chinese crackers
4oz Yellowfin tuna
4 Cherry tomato
2 tablespoon Truffle oil
1 tablespoon Caviar
4 oz Masago arare
1/4 cup Kewpie Mayo
1/2 Avocado
1/2 Lime
4 oz Soft tofu
2 oz Yuzu

-Cut thin slices of tuna to the same shape as the crackers. Set aside in cooler.
-Thinly slice tomatoes and marinate slices in truffle oil
– Mix kewpie Mayo and truffle oil
– Mix avocado w lime juice
– Blend tofu w yuzu

-Spread a thin layer of truffle aioli on cracker, top w tuna slice.
-place a couple of tomato slices on the tuna
-top w caviar and masago arare
-serve w tofu and avocado sauce

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