In the heart of the Finger Lakes region lies Yates County

In the heart of the Finger Lakes region lies Yates County, teeming with small town charm and lakeside retreats. Many come to unwind, refresh and reconnect, but leave with so much more.



Whether it’s the smile behind a mask from the owner of a downtown shop, a glass of wine on an outdoor patio overlooking the lake or a hike where we can bond with the outdoors and those close to us. The Finger Lakes Countrysides provides a sense of tranquility and connection.


Yates County’s convenient location among the region’s attractions gives visitors the ability to shape their own escape. Your next vacation to the Finger Lakes is filled with endless possibilities! Check out the top things to do when visiting the Finger Lakes Countrysides.


Take a hike (or bike). Whether you’re an avid hiker or looking to breathe in the fresh air, you’ll find a serene spot to enjoy.

Explore the lakes. Yates County borders 3 different Finger Lakes: Keuka, Seneca and Canandaigua.

Visit the wineries. Finger Lakes Wine Country is rated as the best wine region in the US for years!

Grab a pint or craft cocktail. There’s no shortage of quality craft beverages.

Shop Local. You’ll be welcomed with a smile that is real as they come!

Enjoy a scenic drive. The views you see are among the most memorable experiences when visiting here.

Indulge in the sweet things in life. Did you know there’s such thing as award-winning ice cream?

Enjoy a meal. Agriculture is such a large industry here, so many restaurants utilize locally grown produce and goods to enhance the dining experience.

Explore arts, culture and history while you admire the visual bounty and structures.

Reconnect and recharge.  The Finger Lakes Countrysides will help you to slow down and fill your cup.

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