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Hotel Mockingbird Hill is an Eco Chic Boutique Hotel Located in Port Antonio Jamaica

The exquisite food at Hotel Mockingbird Hill is locally sourced, organic with an emphasis on seasonal offerings and this is only the beginning. The ultra fresh ingredients used at their restaurant Mille Fleurs become the starting point for this unique Jamaican-International Slow Food cuisine. Starting with the flavors of the region and then adding European influences, Mille Fleurs creates a one of a kind Caribbean dining experience.


Their menu which changes daily offers such innovative dishes such as Fish in Pepper Crust with Beans and Tomatoes, Grilled Orange Chicken with Green Sauce and Spicy Toasted Pecans, Crayfish Poached in Sherry Butter on Wilted Wild Hook with Garlic Bammy or Vegetable Tikka Skewers with Garlic Infused Coconut Milk.

Consistently ranked as the best restaurant in Port Antonio and one of the best in Jamaica, the cuisine is served on a terrace lit by the flickering glow of oil lanterns and with sweeping views of the Port Antonio coastline and the Caribbean Sea, this is a wildly romantic setting in which to experience this culinary adventure. The service is warm and attentive, the experience memorable.


Hotel Mockingbird Hill is an eco chic boutique hotel located in Port Antonio Jamaica, an under the radar destination that is popular with a small group of in-the-know travelers. Far away from Jamaica’s bustling tourist centers, Port Antonio is a place for travelers who revel in nature. Majestic mountains, tropical landscapes, white sand beaches, multi-hued lagoons, gently flowing rivers and authentic Jamaican culture. This is not a place for those seeking a packaged tourist experience but for those who like to explore and discover.

In this place of exceptional beauty Hotel Mockingbird Hill stands out. Nestled in over 6 acres of flowering gardens the 10 airy rooms and suites open to views of gardens and coastline. The friendly staff are eager to help you arrange a once in a life time adventure such as swimming at world famous Frenchman’s Cove, floating down the Rio Grande on a bamboo raft, surfing at Boston Bay, diving from a tree limb into the mesmerizing Blue Lagoon, hiking through tropical jungles abundant with exotic birds or exploring the historic town whose roots go back to the late 1800s when Port Antonio was the center of the banana trade.


This rare combination of sophisticated dining, genteel accommodation and eco adventure make the hotel seductive to the worldly traveler who places experiences over thread count. Hotel Mockingbird Hill beckons.

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