Gainesville Florida is home to many things. It’s home to Paynes Prairie State Preserve where you can see wild horses, bison, and alligators. On the UF campus you can find national championships in football, basketball, gymnastics, track, swimming, golf… you get the idea. Aside from all that, the city’s options for high-quality local cuisine are tremendous. The historic downtown district is home to some of the best restaurants in the area. Southerners seem to have one thing in common – a love for barbecue. Gainesville provides a glimpse into where barbecue is going, and a look back at where it began.

I am focusing on ribs at each of the locations because I love ribs but doing them well at home is difficult. At times I have gotten close to my desired final result. But, as my old man always told me, “close is only good in horseshoes and hand grenades”. That is why I now leave ribs to the experts.

Adam’s Rib Company is where barbecue is heading in Gainesville. Its original location opened in 2005 and in 2012 the company opened its second location. Owner Adam Brewer has made it the company’s mission to put the ribs back in barbecue.

BBQ in a gas station? Pearl County Store is a must-stop for road tripping bbq lovers. “Pearl’s” is located at the blinking yellow light in Micanopy, the oldest inland town in Florida. They also deserve a visit in the morning for a sit down breakfast. George’s “Florida Style” BBQ is only open Thursday – Saturday, and you if you blink you might miss it, even if you’re on the bike trail. But if you see the smoker cooking out front, it’s worth stopping by. Bev’s Café in High Springs has a full menu but is known for the ribs, Terrell’s BBQ in Gainesville (walk-up) is a weekend roadtrip favorite, 4Rivers Smokehouse in Gainesville is known for its brisket, Mojo Hogtown BBQ in downtown Gainesville is known for its brisket burnt ends and wall of whiskey, Southern Butts (walk-up) in Hawthorne, Dianne’s Old Time Barbeque in Hawthorne, Beque Holic for Korean BBQ.

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