Galapagos Shark Diving A New Kind of Diving Opportunity With the Whale Shark Expert Jonathan R. Green

Galapagos Shark Diving proudly announces a new kind of diving opportunity — “Dive with a Purpose” — in collaboration with Jonathan R. Green, well known from BBC’s Blue Planet II series and director of the “Galapagos Whale Shark Project.”

Together with Jonathan Galapagos Shark Diving creates awareness through education and Citizen Science. A new way of helping the Oceans is the reason why Galapagos Shark Diving has designed a trip that gives divers from all walks of life an opportunity to help scientists gather data. Citizen Science is a fast developing forum that allows tourism to benefit the environment. Information such as images of whale sharks, manta rays and keeping track of how many turtles and pelagic fish can provide vital data about population dynamics and movements on a local, regional and even global scale. This “diving with a purpose” designed trip gives divers their perfect dive vacation while helping scientists to save our oceans and to protect endangered species.

A daily on-board presentation related to Galapagos, Citizen Science and the research project gives divers the possibility to learn how to provide information and why and therefore to give back to nature.

Learn more about this experience at their website.

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