7 Most Creative Ways To Save Money For Travel

Travelling is one of the most amazing experiences in life, but it is even more amazing to know you can relish all the fun while still saving on your expenses. Here is a simple plan with seven most creative ways to save money for travel even without a white-collar job.

According to Laura Begley-Bloom of Forbes, there are times when travel bookings are pocket-friendly so you should plan your travel time well.

Save, Save And Save

Having more money is all about your savings and how wisely you spend them. Since saving is a tricky not-so-easy task, you need a savings plan to keep you on track. A good savings plan according to Airtreks begins with an assessment of your current financial situation against your traveling dream and checking whether it is feasible.

You then set goals on how much you need for your travel adventures and lay down strategies for realizing those goals. Implement your plan and do a continuous evaluation to see if indeed you are headed in the right direction. You may decide that joining one of the credit unions in my area is a good course of action when it comes to maintaining your financial wellbeing, especially in the area of saving.

Budget Without Mercy

According to Expert Vagabond’s travel blog, budgeting here involves budgeting for your life and budgeting for your trip. Come up with a fixed budget to guide your expenses and stick to it ruthlessly. No matter how bad you want another glass of Andre champagne, be strong and let the temptation pass.

Self-discipline is the only way to ensure you stick to your budget and are not swayed by non-essentials of life. To ensure you do not get tempted to go outside your budget, opt for the use of restricted credit cards instead of cash and never carry more money than you need at any given time.

Find A Side-Hustle

Getting an extra source of income is always a welcome idea whenever you are pressed to save more than your current source can let you spare. You can work part-time in a club, get online writing, wait tables, tutoring (you can easily become a tutor through various organizations online), or typing jobs or even become a baby sitter; the list is endless.

There is always a side-hustle for everyone, depending on your skills and interests. An extra dollar for your savings would help with your travel budget. If you have investing know-how, you could look at putting money into the stock market in the hopes of making big returns on your investment. Of course, if you’re a newcomer to stock trading, you may find information like that found over on investing 101 useful for acquainting yourself with common terminology and advice.

Sell Your Junk

You probably have some things that you’ve kept but never use and may never use. Why keep them? You can sell all that junk and make some few dollars.

From appliances to old books, clothes, children’s toys, and even utensils, furniture, or unused machines. It is the right time to free some space in your house and earn some cash in the process.

Track Your Spending

Monitoring and evaluating your savings plan will make you know whether you are up to the task or not. Samantha Sharf of Forbes has suggestions on how you can do this. Sit down and reflect on what takes up your money on a day to day basis.

If you find that you are not going to meet your goals, review your savings plan. You can positively cut out luxury completely to achieve your traveling dream, and you will never regret. Classify your expenses into “needs” and “wants” and then focus on meeting only your needs. It might also be worth learning about manufactured spending as that can be a great way to help you save money whilst traveling.

Cut On Expenditure

  • Find creative ways of shamelessly spending less and saving more for your travel. Cost-effective measures you can take to save money for traveling include:
  • Use your car less often and go for public transport whenever possible. It will save you on fuel, maintenance and gas costs.
  • Ordering hotel food is a great way to save time, especially when you need to attend a raft of seminars or road trips. However, so as to save both time and money, you might consider cooking your food or carrying some ready meal with you. If you must, buy junk food, simply because it is cheap.
  • Move to a smaller apartment, a more affordable neighborhood or even gat roommates if it can work for you.
  • At times, you might be strapped for cash but still crave for some high-quality, delectable champagne. Carry your own bottle of viniq vodka instead of having a shot at the bar.

Start A Dedicated Travel Fund

Hostelworld advises that you open a separate account for your travel plan and feed it regularly, say daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. You can calculate the time you have between when you first begin planning and when you intend to travel.

If it is six months for example, and your traveling budget sums up to $6000, you can decide to save 1/6 ($1000) per month. Invite close friends and relatives also to help you feed your travel fund.

Ensure you get competent tires for bikes – if you plan to use your bike. Ytravel blog, recommends that you stay for more than one night since it is cheaper, and use booking.com to secure affordable accommodation. Otherwise, opt for camping.

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