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Welcome to Laredo, Texas, where the streets are immortalized in song, paved with history and lead to adventure around every corner. Set along on the banks of the Rio Grande, Laredo is a vibrant city brimming with culture, charm, and coffee.
The adventure begins with the Historic Laredo Walking Tour. Step into 268 years of rich history, with stories whispered in both English and Spanish. Marvel at the architectural beauty of the San Agustin Cathedral. Lose yourself in the tales of the Republic of the Rio Grande Museum and Villa Antigua Border Heritage Museum. Soak in the colors as you stroll through San Agustin Plaza.

But Laredo’s soul doesn’t just dwell in its past. The streets speak through stunning murals with modern tales of heritage and hope. And for those brave souls who fancy a sprinkle of mystery, the Haunted Heritage San Agustin Ghost Walk will have you exploring the eerie side of downtown, guided by the glow of your smartphone.

Steeped in flavor, The Laredo Coffee Tour is your passport to the finest artisanal brews on the border. Sip on coffee, collect stamps, and earn yourself a special souvenir to remember your journey by.

From the Chacon Creek Trail to the lush habitats of Lake Casa Blanca International State Park, and everywhere in between, Laredo is a haven for hundreds of species of local and migratory birds. For birding enthusiasts, Laredo is the place to immerse themselves in the avian wonders of South Texas all year round. Bird lovers and hikers alike can explore Laredo’s riverfront, creek systems, nature trails, and private ranchlands, some offering never-before-birded sites.

When sports are your goal, Laredo scores big time! Laredo is home to Los Tecos Baseball Team, the two-nation organization and five-time winners of the Mexican Baseball league. They’ll play 90 adrenalized games this year. The action continues with the Laredo Heat, champions of the Lone Star Conference Championship. Catch the excitement of a match at Texas A&M International University and feel the heart-pumping excitement of Laredo’s sporting spirit.

Around here, all roads lead back to la cocina, no reservations required. In Laredo, the essence of “Mex-Tex” cuisine comes alive in every bite. Here, you don’t need to cross the border to enjoy authentic Mexican flavors or hearty American fare. Laredo kitchens have more than 200 years perfecting the fusion of two distinct cultures into dishes that define Laredo’s “Mex-Tex” flavor. From sizzling fajitas, tasty tacos, to carne asada and more.

From traditional dishes to global gastronomy, Laredo’s culinary landscape is as diverse as its heritage. Choose between Thai, Italian or Japanese, and of course, the Lone Star State’s famous BBQ and steakhouses. After a hearty meal, treat yourself to the sweet delights of local confectioners, offering everything from fresh doughnuts to tres leches.

From table tops to the mountain tops, our dual culture is everywhere. In colors, textures and flavors that surround you. Here is where two become something new, and totally Laredo.

Come sunset, toast your adventure with an ice-cold IPA or cocktail. Catch the game at a sports bar or dance the night away. Laredo nights make unwinding the day easy.

Whether you’re a history buff, an art lover, just passing through, or simply in search of a new adventure, Laredo caters to all. From the cobblestone alleys to the bustling markets of San Bernardo Avenue, from serene riverbanks to artisanal coffee shops, every moment here is a discovery. So, pack your bags and set your sights on Laredo, where every visit is a journey through the heart of Mex-Tex culture.

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