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Lou’Mar: A Fusion of Global Flavors Set to Redefine Beverly Hills Dining

by JonPharr

Get ready to embark on a sensational culinary adventure as Lou’Mar prepares to open in the heart of Beverly Hills in collaboration with Nerano Beverly Hills.

This innovative restaurant, led by acclaimed chefs Marcos Spaziani and Louis Huh, promises an exquisite blend of tradition and creativity, offering a global cuisine that Beverly Hills is missing. Each dish is a fusion of classic techniques and contemporary twists, reflecting their commitment to both tradition and evolution.

Lou’Mar will host its grand opening on September 20, inviting patrons to indulge in its sensational offerings Wednesday through Saturday. The restaurant, nestled upstairs at Nerano Beverly Hills, embodies elegance and ambiance that promises to captivate guests seeking an extraordinary dining experience.

Chef Louis Huh

Nerano’s design, characterized by the great minds of its owners, Andy and Carlo Brandon-Gordon, creates an environment that’s both elegant and inviting. Every detail, from the curated artwork on the walls to the thoughtful arrangement of seating, has been meticulously chosen to immerse guests in an unforgettable experience. The collaboration with Nerano Beverly Hills will elevate Lou’Mar to new heights and make it a must-visit establishment in Beverly Hills.

Lou’Mar aims to bring the effervescent energy of West Hollywood and Downtown LA to Beverly Hills, crafting an unparalleled dining experience. With its grand opening just around the corner, Lou’Mar is set to redefine the Beverly Hills culinary scene, inviting guests on an unforgettable journey of flavor and artistry.

The restaurant is available only to guests with a reservation. Reservations will be available on Open Table soon. Follow @loumar.la to stay up to date.

Chef Marcos Spaziani


Chef Marcos Spaziani brings his rich background from Caracas, Venezuela, infusing Spanish and Italian influences into his creations. Spaziani’s career is a spectacle in its own right, which begins in Miami, FL. He found himself cooking for top celebrities and officials like Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Barack Obama, and many others. After cooking for high officials on land, Chef Marcos decided to go out to sea. He sailed on countless yachts and boats for six years. This led to his involvement in the popular Bravo reality show, Below Deck Sailing Yacht, where Marcos was the head chef on Season Three of the show.

Chef Louis Huh, a culinary maverick hailing from Los Angeles, seamlessly melds his expertise in hospitality management with a profound passion for the art of cooking. Chef Louis did not attend culinary school, instead he worked his way up the ladder from dishwasher to the head chef at Taste on Melrose, a popular celebrity dining destination in Beverly Hills. Chef Louis is best known for his ability to craft exquisite asian fusion dishes.

Marcos and Louis eventually crossed paths while both working at Taste on Melrose. Immediately hitting it off, the pair ventured into business together. After Taste shutdown, they decided to start a food truck, which became wildly popular. This led to them cooking at UCLA, which ended up expanding into a catering business. After Marcos returned from Below Deck, the pair decided to open up a restaurant in Downtown LA called Marlou. It was open for a year and a half until unfortunately closing due to unforeseen building maintenance issues. The pair is now opening Lou’Mar.

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