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Downtown Carbondale

Gateway to the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail and Shawnee National Forest, the wild beauty of the rolling hills of Carbondale, Illinois, awaits you. This Midwestern town allows you to escape the fast pace of big-city life, offering you that remote, unparalleled feeling that is only achievable in southern Illinois.

Carbondale presents many opportunities to explore beautiful scenic views with an endless amount of outdoor adventure and fun for the entire family. At Carbondale Tourism, they are there to help ensure your visit is one that you will always remember and full of memories that will leave you looking forward to the next time you can journey back again.

Carbondale is a destination that provides Southern hospitality and welcomes tourists year-round with events for every season. Imagine playing on an 18-hole championship golf course at dawn, hiking through the rugged terrain of a national forest in the afternoon, and winding down the evening at a live local concert at sunset.

Enjoy food from their local restaurants utilizing regionally-grown produce or explore their international culinary scene, which is bursting with many cultural influences. Stay in their accommodations, which range from various modern hotels to cozy inns or cabins in the woods, where you are sure to feel right at home.

In Carbondale, it is possible to rappel down a rock face in the morning, sip local wine in the afternoon, enjoy delicious local cuisine in the evening, and cap off the night at a historical movie theater in the center of downtown.

Whether pursuing a favorite pastime or trying something new, the day could end worlds away from where it began–all without traveling more than a few miles.

Your adventure starts in Carbondale.

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