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Fargo has an up-and-coming entrepreneurial spirit in the community that you’ll notice right when you arrive. The metro area spans three cities (Fargo, Moorhead, and West Fargo) and two states separated by the Red River of the North. The heart of the city lies in Downtown Fargo. Broadway and Main mark the southernmost end of the district with boutiques, taprooms, pizza places with rooftop patios, and a train-car mural welcoming you. As you head up Broadway, adorable boutiques, ice cream shops, fun bars, and restaurants line the street. In the center of it all, Broadway Square is known as the “living room” of Downtown Fargo, with events nearly 300 days out of the year, a grassy area with a bandshell throughout the warmer months, and a transformation into a dreamy ice rink in the wintertime.

Art is a massive component of the Downtown area as well. There are many murals done by countless local and national artists. Even the electrical boxes are designed to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. For local performances, area restaurants, as well as the Fargo Theatre and the Spirit Room, have cozy spaces to catch a show and include local jazz artists, Fargo’s very own Symphony, Ballet, and Opera, as well as traveling artists. The largest accredited art museum between Minneapolis and Seattle is also located in the Downtown district. The Plains Art Museum has unique local and regional art exhibits that highlight various subjects, such as indigenous art. They bring in many local artists with an indigenous background and an art fair explicitly dedicated to the culture.

If food is a top priority during your travels, Fargo is bound to hit the spot. The Fargo metro area has over 200 locally owned and operated restaurants with nearly any kind of cuisine you can think of. Stand outs include Prairie Kitchen, an utterly Scandinavian menu and vibe that’s ultimately inviting and nods to our locals’ Norwegian history and culture. Another, Tati’s Mediterranean Saveur, has authentic Lebanese food like meat pies, hummus, and Kibbeh balls. For the perfect cocktail (or mocktail), Rosewild is the new kid on the block in the Jasper Hotel, with perfectly crafted drinks and an extensive wine list. BernBaum’s is another standout; this Jewish deli rivals those in New York City, with shakshuka, and bagels topped with lox on the menu.

Events in the area range from canoe parades, vintage markets in downtown streets, and even a winter festival dedicated to getting outdoors, even in the dead of winter. Whether you’re looking for live music, cultural and artistic, or beer-focused events, Fargo is a one-stop shop. In the fall, the Civic Center is transformed into a holiday wonderland for Christkindlmarkt. In June, the prominent heritage of the area is highlighted with the Scandinavian Festival. Then in the spring, the annual Woodlands & High PlainsPowwow takes the stage to celebrate the American Indian culture.

Whether it’s culture, beer, food, art, or music, Fargo does these things just a little differently. You’ll have to experience it for yourself to understand.

Experience North. North of Normal.

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