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Creative Cocktail Recipes from Utah’s Largest Independent Distillery, Ogden’s Own

by Megan Hill

Utah’s largest independent distillery, Ogden’s Own, produces an award-winning line of gins, whiskeys, and vodkas. The lines are each uniquely branded, sometimes with tongue-in-cheek references to some aspects of Utah’s history. There’s Five Wives Vodka, for starters—and a companion Five Husbands one, too. Other products highlight lesser-known (and less sarcastic) aspects of the state’s history, like Madam Pattrini Gin and Porter’s Whiskeys.

Visitors to Ogden should check out the distillery’s Side Bar, the on-site craft cocktail destination. The unique menu is divided into four flavor categories (Sweet & Fruity, Sour & Tart, Spicy, and Spirit Forward) that will impress without pretention.

Here are four recent creations straight from the menu:

  • “Tag-Along You’re It”
    • 1.5 oz Porters Peanut Butter Whiskey
    • .5 oz Five Wives Heavenly Vodka
    • 1 oz Chocolate Liqueur
    • 2 oz Heavy Cream
      • Mix first three ingredients in a shaker with ice.
      • Pour into a coupe glass filled with some ice cubes
      • Float heavy cream
      • Add Tagalong (float on top of heavy cream and sitting atop ice cubes)
  • “Thin Mint is In”
    • 1 oz Five Wives Heavenly Vodka
    • 1 oz Peppermint Schnapps
    • . 5 oz Chocolate Liqueur
    • 1 oz Heavy Cream
      • Shake first 3 ingredients in shaker with ice
      • Paint inside of Martini glass with chocolate syrup (coat fully or stripes or any design)
      • Pour ingredients into Martini glass adding Heavy Cream on top
      • Add thin mint (either crumble, or skewer)
  • “Chai-Knees Fortune” (Inspired by the classic Bee’s Knees cocktail)
    • 1.5 oz Madam Pattirini Gin
    • 1.5 oz cold brew Chai Tea
    • .5 oz fresh lemon juice
    • 1.5 oz honey syrup
    • .5 oz ginger syrup
      • Add all ingredients into shaker
      • Add crushed ice in drinking vessel add all ingredients and two sustainable “hay” or “pasta” straws
      • Garnish with fortune cookie on side

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