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The best word to describe the Hocking Hills food scene is “comfort”.  Instead of franchise restaurants these hills are filled with local eateries featuring delicious, authentic comfort food.  Locally owned gems are well known for legacy recipes that transport the diner to a simpler time.  

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day especially when your day includes hiking, canoeing and a host of other adrenalin pumping options.  Start your day of exploring with whatever fuel you need to dive into one of Mother Nature’s jewels.  Locally owned coffee shops and diners are found throughout the region.  Best of all, local traditions are served up with local flair.

There’s a good chance, if you were raised in this part of Appalachia, you know how to make noodles.  Homemade noodles are the base of the best comfort foods.  They are served up in the Hocking Hills with big chunks of beef or chicken in gravy over mashed potatoes.  Of course, the mashed potatoes are the real McCoy too.

Special occasions call for a special experience.  What may look like a simple cabin holds a treasure trove of taste.  Fine dining in the heart of the forest increases the romance factor exponentially.

Two of the most popular comfort foods with the folks in these parts are BBQ and Pizza and both are found in all corners of the Hocking Hills.

Here the food scene is all about comfort.  Local eateries are serving up their best family recipes and traditional techniques for a welcome break from franchise dining.

Be sure to visit during the Annual Comfort Food Cruise, a self-guided tour of more than a dozen local restaurants serving up a sample of a signature comfort food.  The Hocking Hills Comfort Food Cruise takes place in January.

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