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Visit The Mohicans Treehouse Resort and Wedding Venue

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We are viewing the world through a different lens. Everything that we were once accustomed to has changed. Travel and hospitality, in particular, came to a grinding halt, but then as the world began to slowly open something interesting happened. In that moment of silence and stillness we realized that we are innately equipped with the ability to adjust no matter the circumstances. We made the necessary changes, and started new routines and traditions. We simplified. It is no surprise that many people returned to nature and the outdoors for family trips, vacations, and special occasions. The severity of the pandemic forced us to enjoy and appreciate what was in front of our very eyes and all around us every day. This awakening has heightened the appeal for nature-centric activities and destinations.

The Mohicans Treehouse Resort and Wedding Venue fell in a unique category of destinations ideal for couples and families desperately looking to escape the four corners of their homes for a quick, safe, and easy getaway. They are keeping it close to home and choosing secluded locations away from crowds. The property is situated in Knox County, halfway between Cleveland and Columbus in the heart of Ohio’s Mohican Valley and occupies 77 private acres of beautiful indigenous landscape and offers nine state-of-art treehouses, four ground cabins, and two country homes. New projects in development include a glamping tent treehouse, and a 2nd Airstream ground cabin. Knox County is home to one of the largest and arguably most diverse Amish settlements in the world boasting views of natural landscape, scenic countryside, and rolling hills making it one of the most beautiful backdrops of Fall foliage in the country.

The Mohicans Treehouse Resort and Wedding Venue is owned by husband and wife team, Kevin and Laura Mooney whose childhood memories of spending time on the Mohican River and its surrounding woods left an indelible impression. In 2011, they collaborated with Pete Nelson, from Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters on the White Oak and Little Red treehouses. Sustainability is evident throughout the property with repurposed and recycled materials including 100-year old barn siding, reused windows and cabinets, and hand-hewn beams. Vintage elements are 2 complemented by lavish touches, including chandeliers, high-end furniture, and luxurious bedding.

The Mohicans Wedding Venue is the property’s piece de resistance and one of the most sought-after wedding venues in the Midwest. The two-story timber structure features barn beams, hardwood flooring, a vast solid oak staircase leading up to an upper level mezzanine with access to a second story outside deck. Inside the main dining area, tables rest under white and crystal chandeliers. Sliding barn shutters and solid pine trusses add to the venue’s rustic charm.

All the treehouses have their own unique signature. Some of the stand-outs include The Nest, a whimsical honeymoon suite with cathedral windows and a massive cedar shingle domed roof. Another favorite is Tin Shed which features a corrugated metal exterior, a full-sized garage door, and a 100-foot extension bridge connected by a steel spiral staircase. Recent additions include Silver Bullet, a renovated 1978 Airstream trailer perched 22 feet off the ground; and The View, a modern treehouse with floor-to-ceiling windows offering a panoramic view of the surrounding woods.

Treehouse Provisions is The Mohicans’ new virtual kitchen and event tasting center in Cleveland. The restaurant boasts a hearty menu of comfort foods made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients and products enhancing the campfire experience. Whether you are looking to cater an event or simply pick up a fantastic meal on your way home from work, visit https://treehouseprovisions.com for ordering details.

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