Sensational Shorelines

Traverse City, Michigan

By Mike Norton When I moved to Traverse City from Miami almost 40 years ago, I assumed I was making a trade-off. In return for...
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Natural Beauties

Stillwater, Oklahoma

Located in central Oklahoma, Stillwater sits where horizons can be seen for miles and landscapes are dotted with fence lines, crop rows, and cattle. The vast, open beauty of the plains is starkly juxtaposed to Stillwater’s culture, cuisine, and college influence. The welcoming and warm spirit of southern hospitality paired...
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Laramie, Wyoming

Discover history, outdoor adventure, roadside attractions, and fine dining unique to Wyoming in Laramie, the “Gem City of the Plains”.   A French Canadian fur trader and mountain man, Jacques La Ramee, arrived in what is now the state of Wyoming in 1815. In 1820 or 1821, he departed for...
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Lafayette, Louisiana

    Plan Your Escape to the Happiest City in America   Lafayette is at the heart of Louisiana’s Cajun & Creole Country, an area known for letting the good times roll, or as the locals say “laissez les bons temps rouler,” – and people are starting to notice.  ...
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Georgetown, Kentucky

By: Melissa McCaughan   The world knows Kentucky for its beautiful Bluegrass region, famous for its miles of farmland and home to various breeds of horses. In the heart of the bluegrass is the charm and beauty of Georgetown, centrally located in the “golden triangle” — the area between Cincinnati,...
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